We are a social change agency that brings brilliant thinkers and do-ers together to make things that will improve the world.

Our team of creatives, strategists, researchers and political thinkers collaborates with a wide range of partners (including charities, campaigners, academics, companies and funders) to produce content, campaigns and initiatives that help to achieve a fairer, kinder, more enlightened and more sustainable world.

What we do

We make anything, including:

  • Content - we produce content that will educate and inspire people - from publications to podcasts to online videos.
  • Campaigns - we produce campaigns to achieve progressive change - using the latest political and behavioural insights.
  • Initiatives - we build new initiatives and organisations to address important social and political needs. And we don’t just make stuff - you can hire our insights and skills as agency and consultancy services.

Why we do it

The world faces a range of urgent problems, including injustice, inequality and environmental damage. Our aim is to seek progressive change, through building things ourselves and collaborating with others. We don’t want clients - we want partners with whom we can collaborate to achieve the same social aims.

Who we work with

  • Charities and campaign groups - helping you gain social change by inspiring, informing and empowering your audience with better content, campaigns and communications.
  • Political parties and organisations - helping you build visions, policies and communications that inspire the public to vote for a better future.
  • Government and local councils - helping you gain behaviour change by inspiring, informing and empowering your audience with better content, campaigns and communications.
  • Academics - helping you to apply your research for social good, by presenting it in an accessible way to a wider audience or building initiatives that apply it to a practical purpose.
  • Funders- we help potential project funders to achieve their social aims - regardless of whether they are corporate sponsors, trusts or individual members of the public.

Current projects

We are working on some exciting projects, and whilst we can’t say too much about them they include initiatives relating to Brexit and democracy in Britain, building media literacy in children and adults, plus supporting people to live better, more fulfilled lives in a secular world.

Get in touch

To find out more contact our Director, Richard Docwra, on 01273 964018 or richard@changestar.co.uk